Professional market gardening equipment

Actisol designs tools for market gardening work and brings together everything that goes into good soil preparation. Their unrivalled versatility means they can work on different horizons (scalping, loosening, cracking). They ensure uniformity in all plots and enhance your soil capital by shaping your bed in a single pass.

The different types of professional market gardening equipment

There are 5 ranges of market gardening equipment Actisol dedicated to professionals:


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The Vitéa B1 Market gardening range comprises 70×70 frames fitted with 3 to 5 teeth, depending on the model. This range allows you to work in widths from 1.00 to 2.00m.


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The Gaea B2 is made up of 80×80 frames fitted with 5 to 9 teeth, depending on the model. This range can work widths from 1.00 to 2.90 m.

The B1 and B2 ranges comprise versatile tools for cracking, scalping and loosening. They can work in beds or open fields, and can be fitted with optional edge discs to create clean beds in a single pass.


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The B3 range, with the Demeter, includes 100×100 twin-beam chassis fitted with 5 to 11 teeth depending on the model. This range is suitable for working widths of 1.50 to 3.50 m in open fields. It is based on the same principle as the B1 and B2 ranges, with the exception of the edge discs.

Specific features of the B1, B2 and B3 ranges :

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These first 3 ranges are equipped with the unique Actisol teeth. Thanks to this teeth, penetration into the soil is possible even in the most extreme conditions, without disrupting the horizons or diluting the organic matter that is essential to market-garden soils. Its soil-friendly action boosts biological activity.

The teeth are attached to the frame by bi-angular clamps. This makes it possible to customise their spacing. The double spring system means you can work in complete safety. The shockwave effect generated towards the tip improves cracking in compact soils, in compliance with agronomic rules. At the same time, they maintain the load-bearing capacity of the planks and limit erosion..

Actisol market gardening fissurators are fitted with double rollers at the rear of the teeth. The mixteur roller buries green manure for better decomposition and loosens the soil with its spikes. The cage roller levels the surface and evens out the beds, while controlling the depth of the tool.

The soil is loosened up, cleared of weeds and ready for sowing a new crop in a single pass.


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The Actiflex is a seedbed preparation equipment. It works in the first few centimetres of the profile. With its chassis suspended between the packer roller at the front and the double helical roller with toothed bars at the rear, it performs precision work on a flat surface. The Actiflex crumbles the soil superficially while guaranteeing good reconsolidation. It thus combines several operations: levelling, loosening, maintaining board edges and surface crumbling.


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The Stell’air range differs from all other shallow tillage equipment in its innovative approach. This material works the first few centimetres of the soil profile vertically, thus avoiding any of the smoothing that can occur with many powered tools.

The stell’air was developed by actisol from 2017 onwards, culminating in a first-generation product to be marketed in 2019. It is the result of specifications that combine agronomy with ecology, combining superficial maintenance with fast, fuel-efficient operation. In addition to market gardening, its agronomic benefits mean that it can also be used in field crops and vineyards.

Stell’air is used in market gardening to :

  • Manage intercropping by mulching plant residues
  • Controlling or destroying vegetation cover
  • Planting a cover crop (optional seed drill equipment)
  • Maintaining a flat or ploughed plot

The Stell’air, with its edge discs and deflectors, is an alternative to powered soil preparation equipment. It is perfectly suited to the presence of plant residues, which it keeps positioned in the upper horizon for better return to the soil. The Stell’air’s twisted blades impact the ground by vertical rotation andmove the soil by micro jets.

In short, its action aerates the soil without creating a sole and preserves biological activity while weeding and preparing a suitable seedbed. It can also be used to destroy beds at the end of crops. Fitted with a roller, it levels the soil.

This equipment can be upgraded. It can work on its own or be fitted with teeth mounted in front for soil management on different horizons. It can also be fitted with Modul’air at the ends of its front beam to adjust the work as closely as possible to the vegetable beds.

What is the ideal market gardening equipment for a good start?

Farmers just starting out or those investing in new equipment after a few years generally turn to the Vitéa 88 B1 M. It is the choice of versatility and offers a wide range of uses suited to small and medium power (50 to 90hp). In particular, it can be used for :

1 – Maintain a flat or ploughed plot, in particular using these blades to destroy weed cover

2 – Prepare / assemble a board in combination with its edge discs (between 1m and 1M40)

3 – Managing intercultural crops

4 – Hoeing and ridging a crop by mouldboard head.

5 – Clean the foot passage when used in combination with Modul’air

What does a market gardener need ?

In market gardening, the quality of the soil is paramount. Diseases and pests are the market gardener’s number one enemy after weather conditions in open fields.

Soil that is draining but not too much, light, deep, not too stony and rich in organic matter is the basis of a healthy and abundant crop. The soil must not be compacted, to allow exchange, drainage and good development of the plants (mainly root vegetables).

Actisol : market gardening equipment for professionals

Actisol supports you in your technical itineraries to obtain the best growing conditions. Our multi-purpose professionals equipment allows you to work on several horizons while homogenising your plots or beds in a single pass. Our multi-purpose equipment meet the specific needs and requirements of market gardening.